News: 04/12/17

‘Tumasch è’ is the winner of Suns Europe 2017

UDINE – «The event has been fantastic, the musical level of the performances as incredible [...]
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News: 01/12/17

Regional premier of “Missus” at Suns Europe

“Missus” will be premiered in Friuli on Friday, the 1st of December at Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da [...]
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News: 30/11/17

The third edition of Suns Europe is ready to start: Opening Party at Rock Club 60!

This year Suns Europe is electro-pop, rock & roll, but also rap, indie rock, electronic drums. [...]
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News: 25/11/17

Suns Europe: tickets now available for the main event

Tickets available from 21 st November for the main event! Available from 21 st November for the [...]
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The festival

SUNS Europe is the European Festival of Performing Arts in Minority Languages.
The festival is a place of encounter and exchange between artists, languages and communities using their language in order to narrate themselves from a unique point of view.



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