A meeting with Angelo Floramo (Friuli) and Andrea Giraudo (Occitania). 27/07

Town Hall Square / (in case of rain) Auditorium R. Puppo, Murùs 21.00

A meeting with Angelo Floramo (Friuli) and Andrea Giraudo (Italy).


SYNOPSIS: The lyric poetry of the troubadours in langue d’Óc – poetry and song – is considered to be the first literary production in a Romance language. At the turn of the 12th and 13th centuries, trobadours and trobairitz not only made Occitan the language of reference for European literature, but they also gave new centrality to the role of women and helped spread innovative and, in many ways, revolutionary ideas throughout the continent. The Occitan troubadours were “mentors” to a wide array of European authors, such as Dante Alighieri, who paid homage – through the figure of the Aquitaine poet Arnaut Daniel – in the Divine Comedy (where he exceptionally used Occitan in eight verses of the Purgatory). In this cultural exchange that did not know borders or concepts like “majority” or “minority”, Occitan influence reached and found fertile ground in Friuli, particularly during the Bertrando’s patriarchate.

SPEAKERS: Born in Udine (Friuli), Angelo Floramo teaches history and literature and works as a consultant for the Guarneriana Library of San Daniele del Friuli. He delves into archives, writes as a columnist for both Friulian and Italian magazines and is author of several books, such as Balkan Circus (2013), L’osteria dei passi perduti (2017) and La veglia di Ljuba (2018). Born in Cuneo, Andrea Giraudo holds a degree in literature and PhDs in history, literature and Romance philology from the École Pratique des Hautes Études in Paris and the University of Siena, where he is now a research fellow. He is a member of ‘Association Internationale d’Études Occitanes’ and of ‘Société de Langues et de Littératures Médiévales d’Oc et d’Oïl’. He authored several articles and works on Medieval literature and Waldensian sermons.


MODERATED BY: Marco Stolfo

IN COLLABORATION WITH: Municipality of Moruzzo.

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