Ane (Paese Basco) 29/07

Visionario, Udin 20.30

Ane (Paese Basco) di David Pérez Sañudo



Back home from work, Lide discovers that her daughter Ane is missing. At first, she thinks the girl is gone because of an argument they had, but soon realizes that there’s something more to it. When she sets out to find her, Lide gets the drift of how little she knows her daughter… Released in autumn 2020, Ane is a Basque-language drama by director David Pérez Sañudo. The film deals at the same time with the complexities of parent-child relationship and with the tensions that mark contemporary Basque society. Winner of three Goya Awards (Best Actress in a Leading Role, Best Revelation Actress, Best Screenplay) and several other prizes, Ane draws strength from and highlights the extraordinary performance of actresses Patricia López Arnáiz and Jone Laspiur.

IN COLLABORATION WITH: CEC – Centro Espressioni Cinematografiche, Udine.


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