Baginen. The women who built the Basque Country 27/07

Tarantula Bookshop, Udine 18.00


Meeting with Cira Crespo (Basque Country)


Free entrance with reservation


‘Baginen. Euskal Herriko Historia Emakumeen Bitzartez’ was chosen by the Bookseller’s Association of Navarre as the Best Book in Basque language 2020. A translation in Castilian has been published this year by the same publishing company, Txalaparta. As well as filling an important gap by telling the stories of around fifty women who had hitherto enjoyed little or no visibility, the book provides an insight into Basque history from a different perspective, thus becoming even more appealing. Shifting between different eras and social conditions, the author Cira Crespo and the illustrator Elena Ciordia give new life to the lesser-known protagonists of the history of Euskal Herria (Basque Country).


THE AUTHOR: Barcelona-born Cira Crespo lives in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Autonomous Basque Community). She holds a degree in history from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and has devoted herself to the diffusion and popularization of women’s history with works such as ‘Maternalias. De la historia de la maternidad’ (2013) and ‘Madres en red. Del lavadero a la blogosfera’ (2014), collaborating with different media and offering courses and activities in civic centres and at the Jabetze Feministarako Eskola.


IN COLLABORATION WITH: “Libreria Tarantola”, Udine.

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