Libreria Tarantola, Udine.

18:00 – presentation.

Languages: Basque, Castillan, Friulian
Synopsis: Despite some 2,500 Basque political exiles had to flee from their homeland between 1960 and 2010, enduring different living conditions in different countries, their stories remained unknown for a long time, even among a big part of the Basque society. Becoming nameless shadows was a necessity to avoid repression – and even to survive. «Bestaldean. Euskal iheslari politikoen bizipenak» (Txalaparta, 2022) – On the Other Side. Stories of Basque political exiles – attempts to understand what lies behind these shadows. Through interviews and other testimonies, the book takes us on a journey “to the other side”: the side of exile or clandestinity, of pain and solidarity, of the struggle to live free and the dream of eventually returning to one’s homeland.
The protagonists: Jaione Dorai studied journalism at UPV and obtained a post-graduate degree in Basque studies in Baiona. Due to her involvement with the Basque popular movement, in 2009 she had to flee to Ipar Euskal Herria (the Northern Basque Country in the French State), and could return home only in 2014. She now works in the field of language services in Navarre. Accused of being one of the leaders of Ekin, Ernesto Prat lived in exile in Ipar Euskal Herria from 2008 to 2012 when he was arrested in Urruña. After his acquittal, he returned to Navarre where he currently works in the livestock sector. He started writing short stories in Basque while living in hiding. He is the author of three novels: Hiru Lunargi laugarren (Metaziri, 2013), Orpoz orpo (Txalaparta, 2014), and Telleria eta gero, zer? (Elkar, 2017).
Introduced and moderated by: Carlo Puppo
In collaboration with: “Libreria Tarantola”, Udine.
First presentation outside the Basque Country.

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