Bogre (Occitania) 28/07

Visionario, Udine 20.00

Bogre (Occitania) by Fredo Valla



Bogre is a journey inside the “great European heresy” of Cathars and Bogomils that takes us halfway across Europe, from Bulgaria to Occitania, in the search of cultural and religious links between these two movements. A “dangerous” heresy preaching peace, social equity and equality between men and women. The documentary film by Occitan director Fredo Valla unveils a story neglected by history books and offers food for thought on the persecution of those who are considered “different” – unfortunately still a hot topic. Bogre is a film about freedom of thought, the right to choose, and an idea of justice that goes beyond geographical and historical borders. THE DIRECTOR: The screening will be introduced by film director and screenwriter Fredo Valla. He attended Ermanno Olmi’s cinematographic school and collaborated with Pupi Avati and Giorgio Diritti, with whom he worked on the screenplay of ‘E l’aura fai son vir / Il vento fa il suo giro’ (2007) and ‘Volevo nascondermi’ (2020). Among his latest productions: ‘Non ne parliamo di questa guerra’ (2017) and ‘Plus haut que les nuages’ (2015). In 2012, he founded “L’Aura” film school in Ostana.

IN COLLABORATION WITH: CEC – Centro Espressioni Cinematografiche, Udine.


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