Conquista! Storiis resistentis tra Navare e Friûl

The 600-year anniversary of the Fall of the Patriarchal State of Aquilea as a ground of confrontation between this historic event and the Conquest of the Kingdom of Navarre in 1512. The two events do not only offer an opportunity to discover more about akin historical events, but also to think about their consequences on the local communities involved, the way “official” historiography tried to undermine the very nature of these events and to awaken the conscience through the rediscovery of symbols, facts and protagonists that marked that historical period. A journey through history and memory to discuss our present day.
Guests: Joseba Asiron was born in Iruñea/Pamplona (Navarre). A graduate in art history, he is a teacher and author of publications and initiatives dedicated to the resistance and the conquest of Navarre, such as 50 fechas clave de la conquista de Navarra (2013). Politically committed to the Basque independentist left-party, he also served as mayor of Iruñea.

Angelo Floramo, born in Udine (Friuli), he teaches history and literature and works as a consultant for the Guarneriana Library of San Daniele del Friuli. He delves into archives, writes as a columnist for both Friulian and Italian magazines and is author of several books, such as Balkan Circus (2013), L’osteria dei passi perduti (2017) and La veglia di Ljuba (2018).
introduced and moderated by: Carlo Puppo
Translation/interpreting: Pablo Gortan
In collaboration with: Municipality of Moruzzo.


WHEN: Monday, 31 August, 8.30 pm

WHERE: Moruzzo public square (in case of bad weather: Auditorium “Riedo Puppo”, Moruzzo)

LANGUAGES: Friulian, Basque, Castilian, Italian