Where: Teatro San Giorgio

When: 02/12


Docu-storiis rallys three cinematographic novelties of the Friulian film-industry.

Pozzis-Samarcanda by Stefano Giacomuzzi, an on-going production that follows the adventures of Cocco (Alfeo Carnelutti) in his long journey from the Friulian mountains to Uzbekistan astride a 1939-Harley Davidson.

The documentary Emigrant by Marco D’Agostini, on the other hand, takes its cue from the play “Emigrant – Chant du Friûl” starring Nadia Fabrizio, and questions migrant identities.

Int/Art by Dorino Minigutti and Giorgio Cantoni is the third episode of the series dedicated to young Friulian artists who tell about their art and their connection with a minority language.