Drumlanduo (Friuli) 25/07 and Dania O.Tausen (Føroyar)

Cuel di S. Martin / (if it rains) Teatri Lavaroni, Dartigne 21.00

“A duo whose feet are deeply rooted in the Friulian countryside and their minds skyrocketed to the hyperspace…” Marco D’Orlando and Laura Giavon are two of the most talented exponents of the new jazz and improv generation in our region. This exciting duo demonstrates how popular tradition can be (and should be) reshaped without any reverential fear, by experimenting with intelligence and irony.

Dania O.Tausen (Føroyar)

Eclectic Dania O Tausen is a young singer-songwriter and poet with a bursting artistic personality. Dania’s experimental and quirky world winks at electronic and low-fi songwriting, featuring her native Faroese language as a proud and staunch means of expression.


Free entrance with reservation

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