Ebel Elektrik

Where: foyer  

When: 01/12


Ebel Elektrik is a classic power trio and the architect of a powerful combination that blends hard rock, timeless blues and lyrics in Breton and English. Florian Ebel (singer and guitarist), Badile Tuauden (bass player) and Germain Velut (drummer) do not rely on special effects, sampling and electronic equipment. They are pleased with their instruments, some distortions and a high-quality amplification. They build up a sound wall with some moments of silence, where the 12-bar tradition binds with its most resounding evolutions, takes on psychedelic shades and elevates itself with prog rock digressions and sonic dissonances. The result is an interplay of plenums and voids, noises, whispers and lyrics that cling to the music as if they were climbing a Menhir.