Teatri San Giorgio, Udine



Docu-storiis rallies three cinematographic novelties of the Friulian film-industry. Pozzis-Samarcanda by Stefano Giacomuzzi, an on-going production that follows the adventures of Cocco (Alfeo Carnelutti) in his long journey from the Friulian mountains to Uzbekistan astride a 1939-Harley Davidson. The documentary Emigrant by Marco D’Agostini, on the other hand, takes its cue from the play “Emigrant – Chant du Friûl” starring Nadia Fabrizio, and questions migrant identities. Int/Art by Dorino Minigutti and Giorgio Cantoni is the third episode of the series dedicated to young Friulian artists who talk about their art and their connection with a minority language.

Proiezion: KM100 16:00

Di Francesca Valentini

Aleria. Km 100, state highway 198. Backdrop of the 1975 events that became a fundamental – if not foundational – step for the rise of modern Corsican nationalism. With her documentary KM100, artist and director Maria Francesca Valentini, offers a unique and innovative perspective on the transformation of this symbolic place, questioning past and present, encompassing memory and current politics, in search of the ideal and material heritage left by the protagonists of the day.

Amb indignació i esperança: el llaç groc dels catalans 17:00

Incuintri cu la gjornaliste catalane Maria Xinxó Morera

Panel with Maria Xinxó Morera, Catalan journalist
The yellow ribbon has become a symbol that goes beyond the expression of solidarity with Catalan political prisoners and exiles. It represents the indignation and hope that pervade Catalan society. It’s a demand for justice, a demand for fundamental rights and a cry for freedom. With her book “Jo també porto el llaç groc”, the journalist Maria Xinxó justifies person to person, with one hundred stories, the reasons why the ribbon is worn by thousands of Catalans every day.

Proiezion: Amama 18:00

by Asier Altuna
In his second feature length, Basque director Asier Altuna ditches all the irony of Aupa Etxebeste! to embrace contrasts: those between parent and child, as well as those between past and present. He does so by telling the story of Tomás, his daughter Amaia and their two conflicting ways of seeing life. Their contrasts are witnessed by Amaia’s grandmother – amama – whose silence is often more eloquent than a thousand words. Winner of the fifth edition of the Babel Film Festival in Casteddu / Cagliari.

Musiche 20:00

with Laura Hoo, unplugged

Donald dal Tiliment 21:00

by Stefano Moratto with Teatro Sosta Urbana
Stefano Moratto’s novel “Donald dal Tiliment” comes to life thanks to an incredible performance in which music, acting and live illustration intermingle. The actors of the Collective Teatro Sosta Urbana get together with the music group The High Jackers and the illustrator Paolo Cossi for a new episode of the bizarre adventure of Saco and Pidins across a futuristic and imaginative Friuli, where they stumble upon Donald Duck and his ordeals. The audience can’t help but be catapulted into an enthusiastic psycho-linguistic vortex.