Ezpalak (Basque Country) 23/07

Winery, via Vino della Pace, 31, Cormons 21.00


Hailing from Zestoa, in the territory of Gipuzkoa, Ezpalak is one of the most powerful bands in the ever-fierce Basque music scene. The band has released two albums whose strong sound identity boasts heavy guitars, psychedelia, noise and gut-punching riffs.


Orko Trio and Fabian Riz (Friûl)


A jazz trio with a punk soul from Bisiacaria meets the East Friulian blues of Fabian Riz in one of the most bizarre and exciting unions that Friulian music has memory of. A vigorous blend of jazz, funk, psych, hardcore, new explorations and poetry. “Un cuartin di neri e une bussade tal mieç dai voi” – a quart litre of red wine and a kiss between the eyes.

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