Franco Giordani



Franco Giordani is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. For over a quarter of a century, he has worked on a variety of musical projects, from the coverbands of Klautans and Top Secret to the music groups of Lollipop and Bottle of Smoke. An important milestone of his artistic career is marked by the collaboration with Luigi Maieron. Together with the Carnic songwriter, he takes delight in playing guitars, bouzouki, mandolin and banjo, both in studio and live performances. In the meantime, he started a new solo project that led him to his first album ‘Incuintretimp’, released in 2015 with the record label Nota Music and among the finalists of ‘Targa Tenco’. A few weeks ago, along with Nota, Franco Giordani released a second album, ‘Truòisparìs’, a journey of music and words through Valcellina, its people and its stories. A Friulian chansonnier with deep and solid roots in rock and folk music.