Guillem Agulló i Salvador was assassinated by a group of neo-fascists on 11 April 1993 in Montanejos (Valencian Country). He was an athlete, anti-fascist, and independentist. He was only 18 years old. His murder drew attention on the existing links between extreme right-wing circles and the police, on media manipulation and on the impunity of hate crimes. His story marked a generation and made Guillem Agulló a symbol of freedom. At once with human participation and narrative accuracy, the novel “Guillem”, by Núria Cadenes, tells the story of this committed and combative young man, as well as the story of the Valencian country at that time.

Guest: Núria Cadenes was born in Barcelona, but lives in Horta Sud (Valencia). She writes for several press services, such as Vilaweb and El Temps. Among her literary works: Cartes de la presó (1990), L’Ovidi (2002), El banquer (2013) and Secundaris (2018).

introduced and moderated by: Carlo Puppo


In collaboration with: “Libreria Friuli”, Udine.

First presentation in the Italian State


WHEN: Saturday, 29 August, 6.15. pm

WHERE: “Libreria Friuli”, Udine

LANGUAGES: Friulian, Catalan, Italian