THE HUNTER (Il cjaçadôr)

Where: foyer

When: 01/12


Durade: 15 min.
AUTHOR: Richard Turner
Description: After quitting his studies in economics, New Zealand-born director Richard Turned started exploring different aspects of the artistic production, shifting between cinema, TV, theatre and poetry. In his quest among arts, he crossed paths with Maori writer, Rowley Habib, with whom he collaborated several times. This encounter/confrontation between New Zealand’s two main linguistic and cultural communities – the European and the Maori – is the protagonist of the short film “The Hunter”, which tells the story of a dramatic encounter between a Maori hunter and a British soldier in 1800. An encounter in which it is not always so easy to determine who’s the friend and who’s the enemy. Released in 2014, this short film has a running time of 15 minutes.
Community: Maori