Where: Foyer
When: 2/12


Autori: Dorino Minigutti, Giorgio Cantoni
Description: Individual and collective identities. Minority languages as a sign of belonging to a specific community and as artistic resource to face globalization. Int/Art follows these suggestions to portray the story of some young Friulians about their passions, their art, their bond with their minority languages in their daily lives, their creative process, and their relationship with the public. The TV series Int/Art is the result of the collaboration between Dorino Minigutti (direction, screenplay) and Giorgio Cantoni (research, screenplay) and, after the first 5 episodes dedicated to the young protagonists of Friulian music, it now offers other 5 episodes focused on the work of different visual artists: from photography to comics to sculpture and graphic design. More information on .
Community: Friuli