Joana Gomila Folk Souvenir

Where: Foyer

When: 02/12


Refined and slanting music, featuring borderless sound suggestions and a charming voice with jazz influences. Joana Gomila brings back the traditional chants of the Balearic Islands and reinvents them with original lyrics that fly high, often with unconventional melodies that hit the ears and the heart of the listener.

Together with four extraordinary and well-trained musicians – Arnau Obiols, Santi Careta, Alex Reviriego e Laia Vallès – the Mallorca-based singer gives life to a music that enhances the sounds of the Catalan language and creates rarefied and austere atmospheres, in which there’s both room for the darkness of intimacy and the warm sunlight of the Mediterranean. The project Joana Gomila Folk Souvenir is a fantastic example of what we may call “Mallorcan tropicalism”.