La Basu

Where: Rock Club 60

When: 30/11


La Basu – who is Elena Caballero Villanueva – is one of the most popular voices of the hip-hop scene in the Basque Country. She has been on the music scene since the late 1990s and throughout the years she has intertwined her rhymes in Basque and Spanish with sounds, rhythms and language expressions from rap, soul, reggae, funk, rhythm’n’blues, rock, folk and even flamenco music.

La Basu often collaborates with other fellow Basque singers and musicians for music and other projects. In particular, together with Aneguria, another well-known rapper from Bilbao, they started a new project called ‘Eskina Femenina’ to support young women engaged in the development of the hip hop culture in Euskal Herria: rappers, djs, graffiti arstits and breakdancers. Last year she released her latest album, ‘Izotz Erregina’.

Her voice also features the Basque/Catalan/Babel-like album by Fermin Muguruza & Chalart58, ‘Black is Beltza ASM Sessions’. A strong and self-confident Basque woman.