Sara Zozaya + Cjançons dal Cormôr

Piazza Libertà, Udine.
In the event of rain: Teatro S.Giorgio, Udine.

21:00 – concert.

Sara Zozaya
In the galaxy of the immense Basque music scene, this young singer-songwriter from Donostia is certainly one of the brightest stars. A handful of intimate ballads with a nostalgic flavour. A perfect voice resting on dream-pop atmospheres. An original band with a magnetic and innovative sound: these are the star ingredients that make Sara Zozaya one of the most promising emerging artists of the Basque Country.

Lis lotis dal Cormor – Lis cjançons dal Cormôr
The great ‘reverse strike’ that inflamed the Friulian lowlands in 1950 is celebrated on stage by eight Friulian singer-songwriters of the old and new generation in an enthralling folk-rock show. A powerful performance and a sincere and captivating collective work, which shatters the stereotype of a community too often described as submissive and compliant. The performance is part of the multimedia research and dissemination project dedicated to the Cormôr Struggles which was carried out by the cultural association “Artetica” and by the club “Circolo Premoli” (affiliated to the National Association of Italian Partisans). It sees the contribution of “La Tela” choral group, Jacopo Casadio, Franco Giordani, Nicole Coceancig, Alessio Velliscig, Simone Piva, Renzo Stefanutti, Guido Carrara & Lussia di Uanis, Alvise Nodale, Prospettiva Rolaz, Devid Strussiat, Stefano Montello, Loris Vescovo, and Lino Straulino.

Free entrance