Feat Davide Toffolo and Dek Ill Ceesa, Alessio Mura

“Cadremo Feroci” by Marco Brosolo is a album able to conjugate the
poetry of Federico Tavan to some of the most creative and interesting
musicians from the Berlin experimental scene (Tarwater, Einsturzende
Neubauten, To Rococo Rot). The result is a refined job of rare beauty
but also one of the most original and respectful works dedicated to
the “poete des pantianes”
Guests on stage Davide Toffolo (Tre allegri Ragazzi Morti) and Dek Ill Ceesa.

Marco Brosolo: Vocals, Guitar, Synth
Ann Weller: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Dolf Sneijers: drums
Johannes Marx: electronics
special guests:
Davide Toffolo: Vocals
Paolo Michelutti: El. Guitar
Andrea Decandido (Dek Ill Ceesa): rap furlan
Alessio Mura (Su Maistu): rap sardu