Martina Iori Quintet – 24/06/2023

Parco degli Orbi, Muzzana del Turgnano.

9:00 pm – concert

In her home in the Dolomites, Martina speaks and sings in Ladin, her mother tongue along with Italian. She falls in love with its sweet, unique sound, she feels inspired and, organically, decides to build her music around this language. With great care and good taste she enhances the natural beauty of her cultural roots. The outcome is a blend of folk, pop and jazz, which she performs along with great artists such as Matteo Cuzzolin, Matteo Rossetto, Marco Stagni and Enrico Tommasini.

This is how her journey in the minority language scene begins. She takes off in Udine in 2014, when she wins the SUNS context, and in Germany, winning the first prize at Liet International. She then tours Austria, the Basque Country, Switzerland and Italy. A classical violist by day, a songwriter by night, she brings to the stage her first album, Amore e Buscofen, which she recorded in 2015.

Free entrance.