Pozzis Samarcanda (Friuli) 20/07

Arenae of Loris Fortuna Park, Udine 21.30

by Stefano Giacomuzzi

Cocco and Stefano are two well-sorted friends united by a common goal: get to Samarkand. Cocco is 73 years old, has a troubled past and is the only remaining inhabitant of Pozzis, an abandoned village in the Friulian mountains. He has always dreamed of heading East astride his 1939 Harley-Davidson. His dream comes true when he meets Stefano, a 22-year-old film director. It’s the beginning of a quixotic journey: 8000 km to the heart of Asia, with Cocco riding a motorbike unsuitable for such an extreme journey and Stefano in tow on a van with his crew to make a film on his friend’s endeavour and troubled history. Amidst the difficulties of a journey that seems impossible for an old motorcyclist, the doubts of a young film director who finds himself in front of the camera for the first time, and an unexpected and even dramatic turn of events, the two friends fear they embarked on a too big and overwhelming of a project. Only their friendship will help them both reach their goal.

THE DIRECTOR: Stefano Giacomuzzi started experimenting with documentary filmmaking at a very early age as a means of approaching and delving into unusual lives. At the age of nineteen, he started the production of his first feature film “Sotto le stelle fredde” (Under the cold stars), presented at Suns Europe 2019, selected at the Trento Film Festival and recipient of an award at the Bellaria Film Festival. Pozzis, Samarcanda is his second feature film, premiered at the Ischia Film Festival and at the Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival.
IN COLLABORATION WITH: CEC – Centro Espressioni Cinematografiche, Udine.

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