Scrivi par Furlan, vôs a confront

Thursday 28 November, 06:00 pm

Public Library, Udine

A multi-voiced dialogue between writers, cultural operators and administrators on contemporary literature in Friulian, starting with an overview of some of the most important literary prizes in Friuli. The event – moderated by Walter Tomada (teacher, journalist and expert of Friulian literature), and introduced by Serena Fogolini (language and cultural operator) – aims to encourage the exchange between the experiences of “Premi San Simon”, the major award dedicated to literature in Friulian, “Premio Tracanelli”, an important initiative for the Friulian community of Mandamento di Portogruaro (Veneto) and “Vôs de Basse”, an award that for the past years has contributed to the revival of creative writing in Friulian.