Where: foyer

When: 02/12


Running time: 83 min.
Authors: Dylan Goch and Gruff Rhys

A travel journal that starts from a family memory and develops into a sort of social history documentary among an epic search, meetings, concerts, realism and surrealism, Separado! written and directed by Dylan Goch e Gruff Rhys, tells the story of the famous frontman of the group Super Furry Animals on his journey from Wales to Argentina, where his immigrant relatives live. More specifically, he intends to meet René Griffiths, Argentinean performer and guitarist who sings in Welsh. The protagonist eventually meets René and finds out even more, from Michael D. Jone and his devotees’ dream to create an independent Welsh state in Patagonia in the second half of the XIX century, to the daily life of the Welsh community on the other side of the world. All of this is paired with unconventional characters, a lot of music and a very important helmet for use during teleportation.