Suns Europe hosts the writer Cadenes and the former mayor of Pamplona, Asiron

The literature section of Suns Europe opens with the presentation of “Guillem”. The appointment, scheduled for Saturday, August 29th at 6.15 p.m., at the Libreria Friuli in Udine, will see the author of the novel, the writer and journalist Núria Cadenes, talking with Carlo Puppo, president of the cooperative Informazione Friulana that annually organizes the festival of arts in minority languages with the financial support of the Region Fvg and the Agjenzie Regjonâl pe Lenghe Furlane (ARLeF). It will be a trilingual event (Friulian, Catalan and Italian) through which the dramatic story of Guillem Agulló i Salvador, assassinated by a group of neo-fascists on April 11, 1993 in Montanejos (Valencian Country) will be told. He was an athlete, an anti-fascist, an independentist. He was only 18 years old. His murder highlighted the links between extreme right-wing circles and police forces, the manipulation of the press, the impunity of certain hate crimes. It is a story, his own, that has marked a generation and made Guillem Agulló a symbol of freedom. The novel “Guillem” by Núria Cadenes tells with human participation and at the same time with the rigour of the chronicle the story of this committed and combative boy, and that of the Valencian country of those years. A story that also touched Cadenes who, born in Barcelona, now lives in Horta Sud (València) and, like Guillem, has been a member of the Maulets youth independence movement. Author of several publications – Cartes de la presó (1990), L’Ovidi (2002), El banquer (2013) and Secundaris (2018) – she writes for various media such as Vilaweb and El Temps.


We will speak Friulian, Basque, Spanish and Italian (also thanks to translations by Pablo Gortan) on August 31, at 8.30 pm, in the square in Moruzzo (in case of bad weather: Auditorium “Riedo Puppo”) for the second literary event on the calendar. The Basque historian Joseba Asiron and the ‘ Friulian intellectual Angelo Floramo will be the protagonists of “Conquest! Storiis resistentis between Navare and Friûl”, an evening in which will compare the 600 years of the fall of the patriarchal state of Aquileia and that of the kingdom of Navarre in 1512. The two events not only offer the possibility to think about historical events with numerous affinities but also about the consequences they had for the communities involved, about the way in which “official” historiography tried to depower the very nature of those events and about the rediscovery of symbols, facts and protagonists of that historical period in order to awaken consciences. A journey through history and memory to talk about our present day. If the local intellectual needs no introduction, and everyone already knows his incredible oratory skills and many books, including Balkan Circus (2013), The Lost Steps Tavern (2017) and The Wake of Ljuba (2018), of Asiron, politically committed to the Basque independence left, we can first of all say that during the last legislature he was mayor of Pamplona (Iruñea), the city that gave him birth. A graduate in art history, he is a teacher and author of publications and public initiatives dedicated to the resistance and the conquest of Navarre, including 50 fechas clave de la conquista de Navarra (2013).