Suns Europe is back with a new summer format

20 July – 1 August 2021


2 weeks, 14 events, 19 guests, 9 municipalities in Friuli: here’s the 7th edition of the Suns Europe festival, back again with its music contest in a new summer format.


UDINE – After a very successful edition in 2020, the minority language arts festival Suns Europe – organized by Cooperativa Informazione Friulana, publisher of Radio Onde Furlane, with the financial support of Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia, ARLeF – Agjenzie Regjonâl pe Lenghe Furlane, and Fondazione Friuli, with the collaboration of the Municipality of Udine, of the Basque Institute Etxepare and of other local and international public and private bodies – comes back with a bustling summer edition in nine locations across Friuli (Artegna, Cormons, Fagagna Lusevera, Mortegliano – Lavariano -, Moruzzo, Pozzuolo del Friuli, Romans d’Isonzo, Udine). Fourteen events (3 cinema events, 2 literature events, and 9 music events), between 20 July and 01 August 2021, boasting 19 guests from the Basque Country, Faroe Islands, Galicia, Grisons, Ladinia anaunica, Occitania, Sardinia, and Friuli. The full programme of the 7th edition has been unveiled on Wednesday, 07 July, during the press conference at Regione Fvg main headquarters, Udine, in the presence of Pierpaolo Roberti, regional councillor in charge of minority languages; Fabrizio Cigolot, councillor for culture of the Municipality of Udine; Eros Cisilino, chair of ARLeF – Agjenzie Regjonâl pe Lenghe Furlane; Carlo Puppo, chair of Cooperativa Informazione Friulana, and Leo Virgili, artistic director of the Festival.«To allow the widest possible participation in the event, we have once again opted for a summer format” – stated Puppo –. On an organizational level, there are still many difficulties, especially when it comes to events that operate internationally, such as Suns Europe. Nonetheless, we believe we have succeeded in putting together a diverse and high-quality programme that highlights the extraordinary linguistic and cultural diversity in our continent».


THE MISSION – While last year some unavoidable and significant changes were implemented due to the global health emergency – yet not affecting the festival’s unique atmosphere – this year Suns Europe has taken a step back to its origins and resumed publishing its call for artists, which was met with significant participation despite the difficult moment. Among the things that remain unchanged, its mission: ‘Right to language, right to diversity’, which means working to “promote contemporary artistic productions in European minority languages, with the aim at building a different Europe, united in diversity, based on rights, pluralism, respect and collaboration”.


THE NEW EDITION – «Although the current situation had forced us to re-adjust our work in these past two editions, we’ve been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of many European artists who, despite the difficulties of the last year and a half, have kept on producing valuable artistic content. It is namely these artists who are clamouring to keep expressive spaces like ours alive and reiterating the need for a festival like Suns Europe. Among the novelties of this year’s edition, I would like to highlight the presence of two projects from the Faroe Islands, as well as (but it doesn’t come as a surprise in our case) the great female presence in most of the events on offer», recalled Leo Virgili, unveiling the programme of the event, whose Suns Europe main concert will take place on 31 July, at 9 pm, in the grounds of the Castle of Udine.


SUNS EUROPE BIG CONCERT AT CITY CASTLE – An unexpected and unconventional evening: Suns Europe is not a folklore festival, but a young, sparkling and daring event offering innovative artistic productions. The big concert will start with band Brût&Madone and their metalcore making fun of Friulian clichés, followed by the music of Daniela Pes, one of the most original voices of the Sardinian contemporary music scene, suspended between tradition, electronics and folk. From the Basque Country comes quintet Liher, one of the most popular bands in the Euskal Herria. The sounds of the Faroe Islands are back to Suns Europe with the warm colours of the finest Nordic jazz of Land of Maybe, who released their first album only six months ago. Another welcome return in Friuli for 2021 is the music from Grisons, with the pop of Ursina and her songs about relinquished hopes, and how beautifully inevitable it is to get lost in them. Hosts of the event are Patrick Platolino and Marianna Fernetich, budding stars of the Friulian theatrical scene. As always, a live radio broadcast of the evening will be hosted by Mauro Missana from 9 pm to 11 pm on Radio Onde Furlane. Due to the persistence of the Covid-19 pandemic, and as required by the current legislation, seats will be limited. Admission is free, but booking is required on the website ( In case of bad weather, the concert will move indoors at Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine which, for capacity reasons, will be accessible only to the first 500 people who have booked their seats.


SUNS FRIÛL – The summer 2021 also confirms Suns Friûl, an absolute novelty in 2020 born from the legacy of Premi Friûl by Radio Onde Furlane. A real forge of talents that had a merit of discovering, promoting and producing dozens of musical bands and authors who have changed and revived Friulian music from the mid-1990s to today. Mitili Flk, Lino Straulino, Arbe Garbe, Loris Vescovo, Carnicats & Doro Gjat, Luna e Un Quarto, Fabian Riz and dj Tubet are just some of the artists who, through Premi Friûl and the music label “Musiche Furlane Fuarte”, have made an important contribution to Friulian music and creativity, as well as to Friulian culture, especially among the younger generations. The showcase dedicated to the new up-and-coming Friulian productions will take place on 24 July at 9.00 pm, in Piazza Venerio, Udine. The show will run also in the case of bad weather, with the Municipality of Udine providing the area with a tensile structure to shelter both the public and the stage from bad weather. But let’s move on to the protagonists. The stage will be graced by Cristian Mauro, who blends American and Friulian songwriting; Trabeat quartet, with their sincere and blunt rock music; Vididule Project, a band which is particularly fond of the song theatre, mixing different music genres such as folk, rock, pop and blues, and featuring the distinctive sound of the oboe. Following, it will be the turn of uber-young Nicole Coceancig, one of the most expressive and inspired voices of Friuli’s new musical generation. Special guest of the event is Ezpalak, one of the most powerful bands in the ever-fierce Basque music scene. In full compliance with Covid-19 rules of containment, seats will be limited. Admission is free, but booking is required on the website (


CINEMA – Suns Europe 2021 is kicking off with its cinema section, in collaboration with CEC – Centro Espressioni Cinematografiche. And it will do it with an old acquaintance of the festival’s audience: film director Stefano Giacomuzzi will present “Pozzis Sammarcanda” on Tuesday, 20 July, at 9.30pm, at “Loris Fortuna” city park arena, Piazza Primo Maggio, Udine. The second film event (always in collaboration with CEC), “Bogre”, will be screened at Cinema Visionario, Udine, on Wednesday 28 July, at 8.00pm. A journey inside the “great European heresy” of Cathars and Bogomils that will take us halfway across Europe in the search of cultural and religious links between these two movements. The film will be introduced by film director and screenwriter Fredo Valla, who attended Ermanno Olmi’s cinematographic school and collaborated with Pupi Avati and Giorgio Diritti. The following day, 8.30pm, at Cinema Visionario, Italian premiere of Basque film “Ane”. Winner of three Goya Awards and several other prizes, the film deals at the same time with the complexities of parent-child relationship and with the tensions that mark contemporary Basque society. All three screenings are paid events, more info at


LITERATURE – The Basque Country will be the protagonist of one of the literature events on 27 July. At 6.00pm, at Libreria Tarantola in Udine, Cira Crespo, together with Carlo Puppo, chair of Cooperativa Informazione Friulana, will present her work “Baginen. Euskal Herriko Historia Emakumeen Bitzartez”, considered one of the best books in Basque language 2020. The book recounts the stories of around fifty women who had hitherto enjoyed little or no visibility and provides an insight into Basque history from a different perspective, which thus becomes even more appealing. At 9.00pm in Moruzzo’s municipal square (in case of bad weather the event will move to auditorium “Riedo Puppo”), panel discussion dedicated to troubadour poetry and its influence on Romance literature (“Ieu … que plor e vau cantan. The troubadours, Dante’s Occitan mentors”) hosted by Angelo Floramo, Friulian scholar who needs no introduction, and Occitan researcher Andrea Giraudo; event moderated by Marco Stolfo.


THE OTHER CONCERTS – The two weeks of Suns Europe 2021 are bound to be unmissable! In addition to the aforementioned Suns Friûl and Suns Europe main concerts, the festival is kicking off its music entertainment on Wednesday, 21 July at 9.00pm in Romans d’Isonzo with Caamaño & Ameixeira (Galicia). Same time, following day, (in collaboration with Festa dell’Emigrante), double concert in Lusevera with Caamaño & Ameixeira (Galicia) and Felix Lalù (Ladinia anaunica). On Friday, 23 July, 9.00 pm, (in collaboration with Associazione Amîs da Mont Quarine), bands Ezpalak (Basque Country) and Orko Trio feat. Fabian Riz (Friuli) are taking the stage in Cormons. Same time, on Sunday, 25 July, Drumlanduo (Friuli) and Dania O. Tausen (Faroe Islands) will be the hosts of a double concert in Artegna. On Monday, 26 July, head to Corte Casa della Musica in Pozzuolo del Friuli to listen again to Dania O. Tausen (Faroe Islands). Friday, 30 July, at 9.00pm, Land of Maybe (Faroe Islands) and Daniela Pes (Sardinia) will be playing in Lavariano. Liher (Basque Country) will close Suns Europe with a concert held within the framework of the Art Tal Ort Festival in Fagagna.


SUNS EUROPE – The minority language arts festival is organized by Cooperativa Informazione Friulana, publisher of Radio Onde Furlane, with the financial support of Regione Autonoma Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Autonomous Region Friuli-Venezia Giulia), ARLeF – Agjenzie Regjonâl pe Lenghe Furlane (Regional Agency for the Friulian Language), Municipality of Udine, and Fondazione Friuli, and with the support of the Basque Institution Etxepare and other local and international public and private bodies. It also avails itself of the collaboration other public and private bodies, such as the municipalities of Artegna, Cormons, Fagagna, Lusevera, Mortegliano, Moruzzo, Pozzuolo, and Romans d’Isonzo; CEC Centro Espressioni Cinematografiche; Associazione Amîs de Mont Quarine; Art tal Ort festival; Festa dell’Emigrante in Lusevera; Società Filarmonica di Pozzuolo del Friuli; Associazione Amici del Teatro; and Associazione Cocul. Suns Europe has the merit of transforming Friuli into a crossroad of cultures and artists, by promoting contamination and confrontation, and by giving the right relevance to artistic productions of absolute quality.


Full programme and more information at and on festival’s Facebook & Instagram pages.




(CINEMA)_ Tuesday, 20 July, 9.30pm, (in collaboration with CEC)
at “Loris Fortuna” city park arena, Piazza Primo Maggio, Udine
Screening of “Pozzis Samarcanda” by Stefano Giacomuzzi (Friuli).


(MUSIC)_ Wednesday 21 July, 9.00pm,
Casa Candussi Pasiani, Piazza Garibaldi, Romans d’Isonzo, (in case of bad weather, the event will move indoors)
Concert with Caamaño & Ameixeiras (Galicia).


(MUSIC)_ Thursday 22 July, 9.00pm, (in collaboration with Festa dell’Emigrante),
Event celebration grounds in Lusevera,
Double concert with Caamaño & Ameixeiras (Galicia) and Felix Lalù (Ladinia anaunica).


(MUSIC)_ Friday 23 July, 9.00pm, (in collaboration with Associazione Amîs da Mont Quarine),
Cantina Produttori Cormons, via Vino della Pace 31, Cormons (in case of bad weather, the event will move indoors)
Double concert with Ezpalak (Basque Country) and Orko Trio feat. Fabian Riz (Friuli).


(MUSIC)_ Saturday 24 July, 9.00pm,
Piazza Venerio, Udine (in case of bad weather, the event will move indoors)
Suns Friûl. Concert with Cristian Mauro, Trabeat, Vididule Project, Nicole Coceancig and Ezpalak (Basque Country).


(MUSIC)_ Sunday, 25 July, 9.00pm, San Martino Hill in Artegna (in case of bad weather, the event will move to Teatro Lavaroni, Piazza Marnico 20),
Double concert with Drumlanduo (Friuli) and Dania O. Tausen (Faroe Islands).


(MUSIC)_ Monday, 26 July, 9.00pm,
Corte Casa della Musica, Pozzuolo del Friuli,
Concert with Dania O. Tausen (Faroe Islands).


(LITERATURE)_ Tuesday, 27 July, 6.00pm,
“Tarantola” bookstore, via Vittorio Veneto 20, Udine
Literary debate with Cira Crespo (Basque Country)
Baginen. The women who made the Basque Country.


(LITERATURE)_ Tuesday, 27 July, 9.00pm,
City square, Moruzzo (in case of bad weather, the event will move to “Auditorium Riedo Puppo”)
Literary debate with Angelo Floramo (Friuli) and Andrea Giraudo (Occitania)
«Ieu … que plor e vau cantan». Troubadours, Dante’s Occitan mentors.


(CINEMA)_ Wednesday, 28 July, 8.00pm
“Cinema Visionario”, Via Asquini, Udine
Screening of Bogre by Fredo Valla (Occitania).


(CINEMA)_ Thursday, 29 July, 8.30pm
“Cinema Visionario”, Via Asquini, Udine
Screening of Ane (Basque Country) Premiere in the Italian State.


(MUSIC)_ Friday, 30 July, 9.00pm, Courtyard of via Canonica 25, Lavariano (in case of bad weather, the event will move to the local auditorium in Piazza S. Paolino) Double concert with Land of Maybe (Faroe Islands) and Daniela Pes (Sardinia).


(MUSIC)_ Saturday ,31 July, 9.00pm,
Castle of Udine (in case of bad weather, the event will move to Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine)
Suns Europe. Concert with Brût&Madone (Friuli), Daniela Pes (Sardinia), Land of Maybe (Faroe Islands), Liher (Basque Country), and Ursina (Grisons).


(MUSIC)_ Sunday, 01 August, 10.45pm
Mont dai Pins, Fagagna, within the framework of “Art Tal Ort” festival, Fagagna
Concert with Liher (Basque Country).




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