“Suns Europe Istât” is back!
Minoritized languages are once again the stars of the Friulian summer

In preparation for the fall events, the festival of arts in the minoritized languages of Europe kicks off its summer tour



FRIULI – There will be numerous events scheduled until October. For now, the organizers of Suns Europe – the festival of arts in the minoritized languages of Europe, which takes place in Udine and other locations in Friuli – will reveal only the first few concerts out of the many that will liven up the Friulian summer during “Suns Europe Istât”.


MARTINA IORI – The first date is June 24, 2023 at 9pm, in Muzzana del Turgnano, parco degli Orbi. Ladin songwriter Martina Iori will take the stage. A classical violinist by day and singer by night, Martina speaks and sings in Ladin, her mother tongue. She won the Suns contest in 2014. Martina mixes folk, pop and jazz into her unique personal style, musically expanding on her roots with attention to detail and good taste. She has played with outstanding musicians such as Matteo Cuzzolin, Matteo Rossetto, Marco Stagni and Enrico Tommasini. 

The event is organized in partnership with the Municipality of Muzzana del Turgnano.


CÛR DI VERI – A second concert will take place on June 25, 2023 at 5.15pm, as part of “Fevelis, festival di lingue antiche e musiche moderne” at the Castelliere of Mereto di Tomba (at Savalons). The Cûr di Veri trio will perform compositions written by multi-instrumentalist and arranger Leo Virgili and interpreted by Nicole Coceancig, one of the most energetic and inspired young singers of contemporary Friuli. They will also be joined by virtuoso violinist Davide Raciti. The trio will take us over and beyond the ocean, combining the typical melodies of Friulian music with the tragic stories of star-crossed lovers and bloody vendettas typical of Argentinian tango songs. The Cûr di Veri trio interprets the Friulian and South American canons alongside a handful of vibrantly arranged original compositions, taking off in an inverted migration of sorts… For this concert, the Fevelis festival and Suns Europe joined hands with the shared of goal of strengthening the bonds between Suns and other cultural events in Friuli.


THE OTHER SUMMER MONTHS – “Suns Europe Istât” will continue throughout July, August and September and will culminate with the traditional fall Suns Europe events, the last of which will be the main concert at the Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine.


THE FESTIVAL – The event is organized every year by the cooperative Informazione Friulana, the producer of Radio Onde Furlane, with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture, of the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia and of ARLeF – Agjenzie Regjonâl pe Lenghe Furlane. Many other private and public entities also regularly lend their support and cooperation. The festival’s biggest contribution is turning Friuli into a vibrant meeting place and point of contact between different languages, cultures, and artists, and in offering a high-profile stage for art productions that, all too often, struggle to reach a wider audience in spite of their quality.


For more information, please check www.sunseurope.com, Facebook page ‘SUNS Europe’ and Suns Europe’s Instagram profile.


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