SUNS Europe 31/07 in the Castle

Piazzale del Castello / (rain) Teatro Nuovo “Giovanni da Udine”, Udine 21.00

concert with:

Brût & Madone (Friûl)

A jolt to the ears and a reiterated provocation which renews itself in their epic concerts. Brût & Madone’s metalcore synthesizes the previous musical experiences of each of its band members, from Slowmotion Apocalypse and Rumors of Gehenna’s death metal to the hardcore punk of Rabiosi. Making fun of Friuli’s clichés since 2006…

Daniela Pes (Sardinia)

Suspended between Sardinian tradition, electronic and folk music, Daniela Pes is one of the most original voices in contemporary Sardinian music. Launched into the limelight by winning the Andrea Parodi Award and participating in Musicultura in 2018, Daniela will be accompanied on stage by pianist Mario Ganau for a handful of enchanting electro-acoustic ballads outside space and time.

Liher (Basque Country)

Lide Hernando’s at times soft, at times sharp voice leverages with great personality on Liher’s wiry guitars. This explosive mix has made the Basque quintet one of the most popular bands in Euskal Herria’s alternative music scene. Their latest release, “Hemen Herensugeak Daude”, is a concept album that denounces violence and sexism.

Land of Maybe (Fær Øer Islands)

Land of Maybe is a duo from cold and ravishing Faroe Islands. Their debut album “Glotti”, released only 6 months ago, unveils a surprisingly mature and sophisticated sound. Land of Maybe’s pop songs are tinged with the warm colours of the finest Nordic jazz.

Ursina (Canton of Grisons)

Ursina’s elegant pop songs vividly express her love for the language, landscapes and sounds of her mountains. Born in a small village in the heart of Grisons, she studied, travelled and lived in northern Europe before deciding to move back home and write music. Her songs talk about love, places, people, relinquished hopes, and how beautifully inevitable it is to get lost in them.

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