SUNS Friûl 24/07

Place Venerio, Udin 21.00

concert with:


Cristian Mauro


If there is a road connecting Bruce Springsteen to Lino Straulino, American songwriting and Friulian songs, Cristian Mauro is on it. His first album ‘Buere Lontane’ has just been released.


Nicole Coceancig


Young Nicole Coceancig is one of the most expressive and inspired voices of the Friulian music scene of the last few years. At SUNS Friûl, she is presenting a project based on the interwar character of Jacum Bisot (poet and Nicole’s fellow countryman, unknown to many) who mocked the rich and powerful élite with rhymes full of irony and popular wisdom.




Two guitars, bass and drums. Energy and sweat. Sincere and blunt Friulian rock, we daresay a little romantic. Their repertoire also includes some great Friulian punk and singer-songwriter songs. Two albums under their belt and one “Trabeat Bar” on the way.


Vididule Project


The group is particularly fond of the song theatre. After a few shows combining the music of great singer-songwriters with their songs, they released their first album ‘Antesi’ in 2019. Seven songs and one instrumental track where they mix various genres such as folk, rock, pop, and blues, featuring the unmistakable sound of the oboe.


Ezpalak (Basque Country)


Hailing from Zestoa, in the territory of Gipuzkoa, Ezpalak is one of the most powerful bands in the ever-fierce Basque music scene. The band has released two albums whose strong sound identity boasts heavy guitars, psychedelia, noise and gut-punching riffs.


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