Tickets for Suns Europe 2019 are out now!

From today begins the pre-sale of tickets for the most anticipated moment, the final concert, scheduled for Saturday, November 30, from 21 at the Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine. Tickets are available on ( ) or at authorized points of sale (here is the list).


The winner will be the best musical proposal. This year groups and artists from Sardinia, the Basque Country, Wales, the Canton of Graubünden, the Faeroe Islands, but also Catalans, Galicians, Occitans, low Saxons and, of course, Friulians will compete on the stage of the Theatre. An event capable of surprising even the most skeptical: because Suns Europe is not a festival of folklore, but a young, sparkling festival, and that always dares in its artistic proposals. Its aim is clear: “To promote contemporary artistic productions in European minority languages with the aim of supporting the construction of a different Europe, united in diversity, based on rights, pluralism, respect and collaboration.


Suns Europe – organized by the cooperative Informazione Friulana, with the financial support of the FVG Region, ARLeF – Agjenzie Regjonâl pe Lenghe Furlane and the Friuli Foundation, and with the collaboration of numerous public and private, Friulian and international subjects – has the merit of transforming the city of Udine into a crossroads of cultures and artists, creating contamination and confrontation, giving space to an artistic production still too little known but always of high quality.