Tumasch è

Where: Foyer

When: 01/12


“Tumasch è” in Romansch could mean both “Thomas is” and “Thomas too”. It’s the name chosen by the singer-songwriter Thomas “Tumasch” Cathomen for his latest musical project. He spent his first 41 years of life between Mexico and Switzerland, from which he took inspiration for his artistic style. He started composing and singing in Romansch, Grisons, more than 15 years ago with the release of his album ‘Tartarugapop’. In 2005 he moved to Mexico, where he founded ‘Dedo Caracol’, a band with a repertoire of original songs in different languages that released two albums and played live in North and South America. Then in Switzerland, he opened a new creative path with Tumasch è: a perfect balance between rock, pop and singer-songwriter music.