Ziztada & Rlantz – 28/07/2023

Piazza Candussi, Romans d’Isonzo
In the event of rain: Casa Candussi Pasiani, Romans d’Isonzo

9:00 pm – concert

Ziztada & Rlantz is a reggae dub band formed in 2017. Its members are vocalist Ziztada (Bilbao) and producer and dub maker Rlantz (Amurrio). The project started with the aim of getting into the sound system scene; in the Basque Country there weren’t at the time many bands performing in this style, and even less so doing it in the Basque language and with a frontwoman. Ziztada & Rlantz make their own music, with alternative, militant lyrics, though their latest tracks also deal with emotions and personal ideas. They have already published three albums: “Egun Hotzak” (2018) and “Azken Argiak” (2020), and a third under the name “KSMS” (2021). The album is titled “KSMS” (KOSMOS) because its author believes that the songs, in both melodies and lyrics, have a “space” quality, meaning that the chill rhythms and utopistic lyrics are capable of carrying the listener away from worldly reality.

Free entrance.